Piping Tip Sets

Available for Pre-Order

Email us which set you would like to pre-order.

Piping Tip Pick Up is available on class that you registered for.


Monthly Cupcake Class

On the first Saturday of every month we will be hosting two virtual cupcake decorating classes.  

To see a schedule of deadlines and upcoming events, visit the Calendar tab.

Class Registration

There will be two classes that can be signed up for.  


The first one is recommended for beginners or Grades JK-5, and the second class is recommended for Grades 6 and up.

Each class will be given 4 cupcakes, containers of icing (already coloured), piping bags, and any decor that is needed each month.  The amount of containers and piping bags will change each month.

Registration will open the Tuesday after the first Saturday of the month and will close the Monday before the video link is emailed.

Payment will be processed the Tuesday after registration is closed.  An email receipt will be sent the same day.


To sign up, click the Registration tab.

Required Piping Tips

Both classes have different tip sets that will be needed.  Not every tip will be used each month, but every tip will be used throughout the classes.  


We do offer the sets, by pre-order, under Available Packs tab, and can be picked up on the first class you register for.

You can use your own, or similar piping tips, that you already have, note that the final product design might look slightly different.


A list of the piping tips required is available to see under the Available Packs tab.

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