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What’s New

With the news that we will be able to slowly open again, we are going to start Curbside Pick-ups.  

What does this mean?

We are going to try something new.  For now, we are going to be open four (4) days a week, offering different baked goods and desserts.  Yep, not just cupcakes.  The available days for curbside pick-up are; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  

Please note that for the time being, we will NOT be offering our “typical” custom order options.  With our business adjusting to the “new-norm”, we will need some time to get back into full operation.  We hope you understand.

But, don’t worry, we are still doing some cake orders, and will continue to add to our custom orders in the future.  If you have an inquiry about corporate orders, please email Rebecca at cupcakes.canada@gmail.com

Want us to make some desserts that you have been craving during the lockdown?  Let us know by commenting on our social media with the hashtag #cccurbside


How it Works

Look at our social media’s every day, to see what pre-order menus are coming up!

We will be open four (4) days a week for pre-order pick-ups: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Each day there will be four (4) different product packs to choose from, and everyday there will be a new selection from our menu.  As we said, we have been baking up a storm and want to share our new creations with you!


Each order form will be available two (2 days before the pick up day.  

IMPORTANT: Order forms will be active for 24 hours ONLY starting at 10am each day.  Order forms will close once the time is up, or when we have reached our order capacity for that given product.

So if you see something you want to try, get that order in!  


If you miss the pre-order deadline, don’t be sad, because new offers and packs will make a comeback in future days.



So you submitted your order form.

What now?

After we have received your order form and payment has been received via e-transfer, you will receive an email from our shop with a two (2) digit confirmation number and a suggested time of pick-up. 


Each pick-up will be on the half hour, from 11am-4pm.   We know not everyone’s schedules are flexible, but please make sure that you come during your given time slot.

Social Distancing Guidelines for Curbside Pick-up

We want to ensure we are compliant with provincial regulations and our curbside process as we navigate this worldwide pandemic.  As such, we are implementing the following guidelines to ensure a safe and effective transaction for both our customers and employees.

  • Please try your best to arrive within your given time slot.

  • When you arrive, park in one of the three designated pick-up spaces.

  • PLEASE DO NOT get out of your vehicle.

  • Call in to our shop and provide us with your given two (2) digit confirmation number, and which parking spot you are in.

  • One of our team members will bring your order out to your vehicle and place it on the hood of your car, or in your trunk.  Whichever you prefer.

  • Once the team member has dropped off the order and is a safe distance away (2m or 6 feet) it is then okay for you to exit your vehicle and grab your order.

  • If we have placed your order in your trunk, please remember to secure it prior to pulling away, so it will remain safe while you travel home.


New Menu

Being in quarantine had us baking up a storm.  We have new, and improved baked goods and desserts to bring to you.


Of course, we will still be doing cupcakes, but we will have a few less flavours to start of with, and will slowly be adding new flavours, and baked goods as we continue.  

Do you have any ideas, or baked goods that you have been craving during the lockdown?  Let us know either through our “Contact Us” page, or in comments of some our social media posts, with the hashtag #cccurbside

Check them out here


Cake Orders

Don’t worry, we are still going to do cake orders for all of the celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), that were missed, and for those that are coming up.

For the time being, because of the circumstances, we are minimizing the amount of custom work on our cakes like we usually do.  This means we have minimized the amount of flavours and designs that we will be able to do.

Once again, it is important that we re-open correctly, with increased safety protocols.  With this new way of doing business, we need to take it slow to ensure the safety of both our employees and customers.  We thank you for you patience. 

Scroll up and Click on “Cake Orders” and fill out the form. 

Just note that there are minimal spaces each week and pick-ups will only be on Saturday.

Please note that we still require a minimum of one (1) weeks notice for all cake orders.

To see flavour and decoration options, visit the “Cake Orders” page.