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Cake Order Forms

All cake orders are Curbside pick-up, no exceptions.  

We do require at least one (1) week notice for all cake orders.

Pick-ups are only on Saturdays.  

In your confirmation email, there will be your Order Number, and what time slot you can come at.

Order Form

Pick-ups are only on Saturdays.  A minimum of one (1) week notice for all cake orders.  There are a limited amount of spots available each week.

Personal Information

Cake Selection

Choose one (1) size.

Choose one (1) of the cake flavour options available.

Choose one (1) design option.

Cake Size
Cake Flavour
Cake Style

Option 1


Vanilla Cake


Vanilla Buttercream

Option 2


Vanilla Cake

Chocolate Buttercream

Option 3


Chocolate Cake

Vanilla Buttercream

Option 4


Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Buttercream

Option 5


Red Velvet Cake

Cream Cheese Icing

Smooth Cover


Messy Horizontal




Confetti Cover




Choose Coloured Icing, and type what colour

Choose to have it ombréd, white on top, chosen colour on bottom

Choose what Cake Topper to put on top (Plastic)

Coloured Icing

+ $5.00

Ombré  Icing

+ $10.00

Edible Paper Topper

+ $15.00


**Pictures are just examples of icing style, does not include custom pieces**


We are currently only excepting e-transfers for our Curbside Pick-up.

(If you are having trouble please email Rebecca at before Tuesday)

Please send the payment to

Password: cupcakes

Once both the order form and payment is received, you will receive a confirmation email for the shop that your order has been placed.  There will be a two-digit order number, a pick-up time, and instructions.

Please use the email address associated with the e-transfer payment, in the above email address box.

Rebecca (Manager) will email you a confirmation number and a pick-up time, once we receive your e-transfer

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