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Cupcakes Canada is a family owned business, and we believe that every employee here is a part of our family.

We work as a team to create new ideas, experiment with recipes together, and most of all, we share the love for baking.

We began our journey on January 22, 2011 at a very small bakery in Ajax. Cousins Carol Anne and Amy decided to focus directly on cupcakes and perfect the art of not only decorating but also flavour and taste. They wanted to stick to homemade cupcakes; like grandma made.They decided that the bakery would use all natural ingredients and no cake mixes.

Baking started as a hobby; baking with mom,  with grandma making Christmas cookies for the church, or pastries for home to enjoy with the family. Plenty of our recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and we are excited to share our delicious desserts with the world.

Amy and CarolAnn_edited.jpg

We value all our customers and enjoy making your special day perfect. We think of every customer’s order as being a new opportunity to try out new themes and better ourselves. We want to thank all our customers for these orders because they give us the opportunity to explore our more creative side, and the final product is always worth it. New themes are always encouraged here; there’s not much we can’t do.

With our new location now open in Pickering Village we have taken our first steps to fulfilling our dream of expanding the business. We now have the space to bake some of our other favourite desserts such as cake pops, cookies, and custom cakes. We also serve cappuccinos, espresso, coffee, tea and a variety of cold drinks.

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